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Aerobic Treatment Units in Perth

bioSystems 2000 is a Western Australian owned and operated company that provides wastewater treatment solutions for homes and businesses in Perth and throughout regional WA.

The team at bioSystems 2000 has been at the forefront of aerobic treatment technology since the very first system was installed in WA in November 1987.  In fact,they were directly involved in writing the guidelines for the introduction of the technology into Western Australia.  In addition, they worked closely with the very experienced process and design engineers at the Water Corporation of WA in the introduction of design specifications for aerobic treatment units (a first in Australia).

As a consequence, the bioSystem 2000 aerobic treatment unit is designed and constructed in accordance with the highest standards.

With agents in Perth, Karratha, Kalgoorlie, and Albany, and over 29 years experience in onsite wastewater management, we have grown to become one of the leading providers of Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) in WA. These environmentally friendly systems turn wastewater into a natural, recyclable and safe resource for your garden.

Since their introduction to WA, ATUs have become renowned for their reliability and effective, low-cost operation. They are particularly effective in areas where traditional septic tanks and leach drains are out dated and present a serious environmental threat.

bioSystems 2000 ATU

The bioSystems 2000 Wastewater Treatment Unit is the best ATU on the market. Its superior, simple design and robust construction offer the ultimate “pollution solution” for homes and businesses in Western Australia. 

By manufacturing and installing themselves, bioSystems 2000 is in complete control of quality assurance from start to finish.  This benefits you by minimising costs, and importantly the company is not reliant on others and their time frames for supply and product availability.
Using the principle of “keep it simple”, the bioSystems 2000 ATU is easy to install, easy to operate and maintain, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. Every unit is also backed by our experienced technical support team.

The bioSystems 2000 ATU can be installed on residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and government properties, including private homes, hotels, motels, mining camps, unit developments, group housing, and caravan parks – anywhere where reticulated sewerage is not available.

For further information about the bioSystems 2000 Aerobic Treatment Unit, phone (08) 9450 2570