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Alternative Septic Tank Systems in Perth

Products - Residential

Our flagship bioSystems 2000 ATU is the choice for most residential properties when considering alternative septic tank systems in Perth.  It is Health Department of WA approved to process up to 1,800 L/d.  This is more than adequate for a household of 4-6 persons.  Features include:

Compact Design

It is an unobtrusive, compact single tank unit 2.5 m in diameter.

Simple Installation

Being a circular single tank unit it has a small footprint allowing simple installation.

Quiet Operation

The bioSystems 2000 ATU is whisper quiet to run.  If you can hear it then something is wrong.

No Wait Time

With “in-house” manufacturing we can ensure consistent quality control as well as keeping cost down. With no reliance on Eastern States or Overseas tank suppliers, we can deliver and install on time.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Aerobic Treatment Unit produces a safe, high quality, odourless resource that is suitable for re-use on garden bed areas or beneath lawns, making it the ultimate recycling system.

The bioSystem 2000 ATU is designed to meet Health Department of WA stringent standards and should produce a clear and odour free final treated effluent typically below the required standards of:

BOD5 < 20 mg/L
Suspended Solids < 30 mg/L
Faecal coliforms < 10 cfu/100mL

Complete ATU Solutions

bioSystems 2000 offers a complete wastewater treatment solution in Perth and throughout regional WA. We look after everything, from your Local Council approval to delivery and installation and commissioning. We have agents available to discuss your specific requirements in Perth, Karratha, Kalgoorlie, and Albany.