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How it works

The bioSystems 2000 ATU is a scaled down version of a municipal wastewater treatment plant.  It is a robust, reliable unit, which has been specifically engineered to suit Australian conditions.

This popular Aerobic Treatment Unit converts wastewater into a clear, odourless, reusable resource for distribution onto a garden area, either by above ground spray irrigation or below ground drip irrigation.

The average Perth household produces around 800 litres of wastewater per day, that’s almost 300,000 litres per year. The bioSystems 2000 ATU converts all of that from a waste product to a valuable reusable resource.

The bioSystems 2000 has four processing stages – Primary Settlement, Aeration, Secondary Settlement, Disinfection (where required) with automatic pump out onto garden areas.

The treatment process is based on tried and proven wastewater treatment principles and exceeds all testing standards set down by the Health Department of WA.  

A simplified process description is outlined below.

Primary Settlement

The first stage of treatment is to allow the wastes to settle. This helps to separate the solids from the liquids (grease and fats included).


The treatment stage involves the mechanical aeration of the wastewater. The aeration process rapidly helps beneficial bacteria to break down the solids.

Secondary Settlement

Following aeration, the liquid wastes are allowed to settle for a second time. Any remaining solid particles, which are suspended in the aerated effluent, are settled out. The clarified water, although clean in appearance, may still contain some bacteria. Where final disposal of the processed wastewater is above ground, these bacteria will have to be removed.


If above ground wastewater disposal is undertaken, all pathogenic bacteria are removed by disinfection. This is achieved using chlorination.

Automatic Pump Out

The fully treated wastewater is pumped automatically into the garden, thus completing the cycle.

Schematic Layout of bioSystem 2000 Aerobic Treatment Unit

Schematic Layout of bioSystem 2000 Aerobic Treatment Unit